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Mental Fitness Magazine

Volume 3

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Mental Fitness for Teens and Parents addresses Depression on Campus, Suicide, Online Safety, Cyberbullying, Date Rape, Social Media, Trauma, Homeless Teens, Horse Therapy, Effect of Sleep, Brain Food, Self Esteem and more. The teen years are stressful. Whether it is school, college, friends, dating or conflicts with parents the physical and mental changes can be overwhelming. This issue provide the coping tools that lead to resilience, more confidence and becoming Mentally Fit. Mehr anzeigen
Mental Fitness Magazine™ The Essential Guide To Regain Control of Your Life is designed to take the reader to optimal health and Mental Fitness. Features range from the latest cutting edge mental health trends to scientific research findings on emotional and physical wellness techniques The magazine’s mission is to provide insights on making life easier and tools that can be implemented immediately. A successful life is a life lived fully. Mehr anzeigen
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