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Current Pedorthics

| November-December 2015 | Vol.47, Issue 5

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GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS ISSUE: 1) Reimbursement and Regulation - By Dean Mason 2) When is a potential overpayment identified? - By George Breen 3) PFA's GAC Working For You. - By Randy Stevens 4) How safe is the air you breath? - By Jim McFarland 5) Losing Patients. - By Roni Pidcock 6) New healthcare expansion in relation Pedorthic services. - By LaToria Howard-Anderson 7) Therapeutic Shoe Bill matters. - By Don Cooper 8) Clinical Assessment for the Cavus Foot - By Roberta Nole Más
Current Pedorthics magazine, the official bimonthly digital publication of the Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), is the only professional publication solely dedicated to the allied health care field of pedorthics. Coverage includes practical analysis of relevant medical literature; evidence-based device utilization and other treatment techniques; cutting-edge clinical and industry news; and practice management, marketing tips and business strategy. Más
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