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Internet Learning, Volume 1, Number 1

ILJ 6.1 online

Publié sur dans “Science”, langue – English. 72 pages.
Welcome to the Spring 2017/Summer 2017 issue of Internet Learning journal! In this issue, you will nd book and media reviews, perspec- tives from the eld, and research and theoretical articles. emes of motivation and collaboration are woven throughout the topics in this issue, which include student interactions, student success, immersive technologies, and assessment. Plus
The journal welcomes a multidisciplinary approach and papers on all aspects of the electronic learning revolution and the challenges and dilemmas it presents. Topics may include but are not limited to: innovative learning and teaching practices, instructional design, and the use of technology and multimedia resources. Articles on online pedagogy, as well as examples of "mixed" online and conventional teaching are welcome. Plus
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