Athletes Dream

REAL PEOPLE | REAL SERVICE | DREAM RESULTS | We have experience in placing athletes from all continents into the North American College system. We provide tailor-made and diverse career options for qualifying student athletes, enabling you to fulfil your potential on and off the sports field. College in North America is a life changing experience. We are at the forefront of the industry, and we are here to assist with your academic and career aspirations

Tom Atkinson | Basketball
Athletes Dream Tom Atkinson | Basketball
Alex Schaffer | Track & Field
Athletes Dream Alex Schaffer | Track & Field
Rachel Kraak | Softball
Athletes Dream Rachel Kraak | Softball
Lachie McDermott | Track & Field
Athletes Dream Lachie McDermott | Track & Field
Jason Lazarevski | Soccer
Athletes Dream Jason Lazarevski | Soccer
Luke Browning | Soccer
Athletes Dream Luke Browning | Soccer
Jesse Rodgers | Track & Field
Athletes Dream Jesse Rodgers | Track & Field
Bride Kennedy-Hopoate | Basketball
Athletes Dream Bride Kennedy-Hopoate | Basketball
Bianca Macdonald | Basketball
Athletes Dream Bianca Macdonald | Basketball
Taylar Marston | Basketball
Athletes Dream Taylar Marston | Basketball
Lachlan Calvert | Track & Field
Athletes Dream Lachlan Calvert | Track & Field
Ned Fitzgerald | Fencing
Athletes Dream Ned Fitzgerald | Fencing