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Skate Agenda


Опубликовано в "Доски, Доски", язык - English. 42 страниц.
in this issue: interview with Florent Balesta about the Commision Skateboard / interviews after the Simple Session 14 with Robin Bolian and Kristo Õismets + the "old stuff" section with Robbin de Wit about the BOMBAKLATS video part Еще
Skate Agenda is a wordpress blog ( ) with a lot of informations about skateboarding contests around Europe and news about European Companies and riders. This is my new project: a FREE magazine that will be ONLY ONLINE. Inside you will find the most important news from the EUROPEAN skateboarding scene , skate contests reports and interviews with skaters and European companies. The mag will be published once every two weeks ... enjoy reading! Еще

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