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Epic Video Application

April 2014

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Two of the key functions of media houses is to inform & entertain, by creating relevant content. Advertisements is the key source of capital to keep them going. Media houses have perfected time slot ads; when it comes to the digital platform however there is a disconnect to the Display Ads. The Impression/click through rate globally is 0.11 % and decreasing. The Media Houses Digital Divisions do not have the capacity internally to R&D a solution. 更多
Epic is the Software As A Service Platform that provides a three prong approach to moving the Media houses from in-effective shoot-and-miss online content delivery, to a structured measurable and cost-effective way of creating a brand-building impressive digital content. Our core systems run off Azure, for every Media house we on-board there is a dedicated User Interface designer and Developer whose sole responsibility to research on emerging trends and incorporate them into the Application 更多